Released on January 5th, 2024, this six song EP consists of 3 previously released singles from 2023 and three new unreleased tracks. Beginning with the catchy pop rock track Jealous Type spawning from first-hand experience of endeavoring a relationship with someone who had a toxic trait of envy if I were socializing with other friends. Next up, a kick drum thumps twice to kick off the next song Circle. With a grungy bedroom pop sound full of distorted instruments, energetic drum grooves, with conversational and controversial lyrics sprinkled on top that will make listeners want to get up and jump! A similar song sonically Forever is next on the list. Have you ever been made a promise by someone who you trust, only to have that promise feel empty? Forever addresses those challenges of being made empty promises. This energetic love song is driven by impacting drums and a distorted synthesizer with dreamy vocal delays as the cherry on top. Following those three energetic previously released singles comes a slower toned song and beautiful one. I Think I Love U describes a situation of the beginning stages of falling in love, wrapped around an experimental indie pop song with a pretty chord progression and melody. Not to mention a chopped vocal EDM inspired bridge with a piano in reverse. The second to last song on the list, Do You Want Me There?  is a tearjerking slow song with delayed guitars and big pianos encompassing inspiration from Lewis Capaldi. The lyrics detail a scene of not being invited and a sense of longing for a chance to be a part of. Ending the EP, we have a new take on an older fast-paced pop-punk inspired Chandler Davie song, Take A Drive. But this version is slower and droned out. Appropriately titled Take A Drive (Emotional), has a plucky guitar riff that leads the way and sounds like the vocals were recorded as a live take to give the feeling Chandler is singing directly to you. Reservations is by far a collection of some great material by Chandler Davie that any listener can enjoy. Be sure to head over to your streaming service to have a listen! Press play, and enjoy the ride!